Plants vs. Zombies Becomes Shoot-Em-Up on DS


The DS version of Plants vs. Zombies will feature mini-games that take the series to new places.

PopCap has released many versions of Plants vs. Zombies already, but it’s still coming up with new ideas to include in the Nintendo DS version. The game’s latest trailer shows off a bunch of new mini-games that will have plants and zombies fighting each other in brand new ways.

The mini-games featured in other versions of Plants vs. Zombies include Whack-a-Zombie, where you have to hammer zombies that pop out of graves, and Portal Combat, which throws portals into the already hectic Plants vs. Zombies mix.

While the Xbox 360 version of Plants vs. Zombies got an exclusive mini-game inspired by Heavy Weapon, the DS version will get even more unique games that are mini. The trailer shows off Heat Wave, Homerun Derby, Air Raid, and Bomb All Together.

The most interesting at first glance appear to be Homerun Derby and Air Raid. Homerun Derby brings the action to a baseball field and has a zombies being taken out by pitches. Air Raid looks like an entire game of its own with Plants vs. Zombies-themed characters placed in a side-scrolling shoot-em-up. The footage shows a zombie robot with a censored face throwing zombie heads at a plant-ship trying to take it down with seeds.

With 20 mini-games already available in Plants vs. Zombies, PopCap just keeps adding to the game’s mythos. The DS version will also have the 2-player versus mode first seen in the Xbox 360 version, and new achievements, so it’ll be more than just a port of previous releases. Plants vs. Zombies will be out on the Nintendo DS in January. Next up, a 3DS version?

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