Plants vs Zombies Composer Musically Begs Blizzard for Druids


Plants vs. Zombies‘ singing sunflower Laura Shigihara desperately wants Blizzard to add Blood Elf Druids to World of Warcraft, and she’s willing to write a song about it.

Warning: If you are unable to handle potentially toxic amounts of Concentrated Adorableness, turn back now!

In Blizzard’s upcoming Cataclysm expansion to World of Warcraft, the developer will be adding many race/class combinations to the game that were previously unavailable, like Tauren Paladins, Human Hunters, and Gnome Priests. One new combination that they aren’t adding, however, is Blood Elf Druids – and that turns the sunny expression on Plants vs. Zombies‘ singing sunflower upside down.

Laura Shigihara, who composed the excellent soundtrack to PopCap’s superb Plants vs. Zombies – and the voice of the adorable sunflower who sang the game’s theme song – really wants her Blood Elf to be able to learn the ways of nature magic. I don’t blame her, since Druids are clearly the best class in the game (and I’m not just saying that because I play one, you know). So, she’s written a plea to Blizzard in the best way she knows how: through song.

The little ditty, titled simply “Blood Elf Druids,” is Shigihara’s plea to Blizzard to let her Blood Elf Hunter take to the sky in Flight Form. Oh sure, there’s lore that says that Blood Elves’ addiction to arcane magic would interfere with any potential hippie-dippie communing with nature, but Shigihara isn’t having any of that.

“The lore part is kind of silly,” Shigihara argued in a video explaining the genesis of the tune. “Gnomes can be warriors and they’re like three feet tall … I saw that Night Elves could be mages and I was like, ‘What? That’s not fair!’ So I decided to make a song.”

Shigihara probably has a better chance at getting Blizzard’s ear than your average Singing Joe – she did do voice work for the Cataclysm quest homage to Plants vs. Zombies – but with the expansion less than two months away, it’s probably too late to add something like that to the game.

Of course, nobody’s saying Blizzard couldn’t hack an exception just for her. As long as they gave her Sunflower Form, I’d be just fine with it, really.


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