Play as a Great White Shark in Multiplayer Game Depth


Depth is a new indie game set to release in November that pits divers against Great white sharks.

Now that shark week has made you appreciate sharks and their natural abilities, it’s time to throw away everything you’ve learned about them and play as one hunting down some humans. At least that’s what you can do in Depth, a new game by developer Digital Confectioners.

Depth is an undersea multiplayer game that pits divers against sharks to determine who really is at the top of food chain (one guess to who it’ll end it up being). As a deep sea diver your job is to collect treasure while fending off the player-controlled sharks lurking in the shadows. Divers will have a multitude of weapons to choose from and upgrades to use to better defend themselves.

Sharks will have their own advantage by being natural predators of the sea. Depth‘s Great white sharks are fast, agile, and have sharp teeth to tear their prey apart. The sharks will also have upgrades in the form of “evolutions” to go head-to-head with their human counterparts.

The game is set to release sometime in November on Steam, after four years of being in development. Personally I had trouble just hunting down sharks in Far Cry 3 to upgrade my wallet and weapon holsters so the probability of me doing well in Depth is pretty small. Strangely this trailer has also reminded me how close the words depth and death are.

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