PlayStation 4 Game Sharing: This Is How It’s Done


Sony President Shuhei Yoshida and Adam Boyes of SCEA have released a detailed and devastatingly funny video explaining how to share games on the PlayStation 4.

The buzz on Twitter at the moment is all about the utter demolition of Microsoft at the hands of Sony’s E3 press conference, which wrapped up just a few minutes ago. It was about as close to perfect as anyone could ask: plenty of games, indie support, a long-awaited look at the console, no online requirements, clear and unambiguous support for used games and game trading and a price point that’s actually 100 bucks less than the Xbox One.

But Sony not only beat Microsoft at every turn, it managed to look good doing it, too. Not just good – brilliant. This video is perhaps the sickest corporate burn of all time, and it’s made even more impressive by the fact that it comes from the same company that gave us that “creepy baby” business for the PlayStation 3. There is no question, there is no doubt: This is how it’s done.

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