PlayStation 4 Update 3.5 Release Date, Features Revealed


The next major update for the PlayStation 4, version 3.5, will be hitting tomorrow.

In a blog post today, Sony announced that the PlayStation 4’s update 3.5 will be available tomorrow, April 6. The update, which was codenamed “MUSASHI,” will bring with it an “appear offline” status, scheduled events, remote play, and more.

“Appear Offline” is a new option that will appear under “Online Status,” and will let you – you guessed it – appear as if you are not on. “This could be useful if you want to play games or watch movies without your friends knowing you’re online,” the description reads. The update also brings Friend Notification, which will let you receive notifications when a friend (who, I assume, hasn’t selected appear offline) logs on.

“User Scheduled Events” gives players the ability to schedule gaming sessions and will automatically add and users who registered to a party, while Play Together lets all members of a party see what everyone else is playing so they can join in or start a new game.

“With this update, we’re expanding PS4’s Remote Play capabilities to work with Windows PC and Mac,” the post continues. It will be compatible on PC and Mac with the following system software: Windows 8.1, Windows 10 or later, OS X 10.10, OS X 10.11.

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