PlayStation Phone Video Emerges on YouTube


The PlayStation Phone is very real, if a YouTube user has anything to say about it.

Video has surfaced of the rumored PlayStation Phone that apparently proves it currently exists in some form. YouTube user “xxmajstor” somehow got his hands on the device, which looks exactly like it did in previously leaked photos.

Xxmajstor has uploaded two separate videos of the PlayStation Phone in action. One simply shows the device, made by Sony Erricson, whose screen slides up to reveal a D-pad and the trademark X, O, square, and triangle PlayStation buttons used on Sony’s DualShock controllers, along with a curiously shaped area in the center that looks like it’s used for something too. “L” and “R” buttons are also found on the phone’s side, and it’s comparable in size to the Apple iPhone and other similar smartphones.

A second video shows xxmajstor clicking on the “PlayStation” icon revealed in the first video. Entering this application brings him into a user interface very similar to the XrossMediaBar (XMB) found in both the Sony PSP and PlayStation 3. There isn’t any content in the phone’s XMB, but it has buttons for “Recently Played” and “Recently Added” which could refer to games.

If these videos are of an actual device and not some elaborate scam, Sony is definitely preparing an assault on cellphone gaming. When it plans to begin this assault, and with what types of games, is still unknown. The phone at least looks like it’ll be able to provide the most accurate level of control to how gamers currently operate gaming consoles and handhelds compared to the purely touchscreen offerings of other cellphone companies.

Source: Engadget

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