Could we be looking at a Wii U version of Pokemon Colosseum?

Over the weekend, the Pokemon Game Show took place in Japan, and ended with this neat little “History of Pokemon” CGI trailer that takes us through the different games, trading cards and other products over the years. It finishes with a Pokemon X and Y teaser, but directly after that, the screen turns to static, and very briefly shows us an image of 3D models of Lucario and Blaziken in glorious high-definition about to face off.

Nothing is confirmed at this point, but given the deliberateness of the scene, and how unrelated it is to the rest of the video, it definitely looks like Game Freak is teasing a new 3D Pokemon game. We may be looking at a Pokemon Colosseum-type game for the Wii U.

We could also be looking at something completely new, like the Pokemon MMO people have been dreaming of for years, or perhaps a Pokmeon fighting game? On the other hand, it may just be a promo for a new anime, or they may just be showing off some cool 3D models.

The Pokemon Game Show was also where a new Pokemon anime set in the first generation was revealed.

Source: Siliconera


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