Pokémon League Falls To Deadly Magikarp


Watch as a pokémon trainer and a faithful Magikarp take on the world (and utterly destroy everything in their path).

Pokémon (the gaming franchise) is built atop the idea of adorable monsters that one can train to improve their fighting abilities. As such, one of these monsters must be the least capable fighter, and in the eyes of many that ignominious title falls to the lowly Magikarp. Though it evolves into the mighty Gyarados at level 20, the Magikarp itself is barely capable of feebly flopping around on dry land. It’s a giant goldfish, what do you expect?

Despite this obvious handicap, YouTube user “Meikachuchu” decided to take Magikarp on an around the world journey, stopping only at the various bosses of Pokémon Leaf Green or Pokémon Fire Red (it’s impossible to tell which, based on the video) to engage in mortal combat. In one corner, you have the boss’ team, and in the other is a probably-damp Magikarp. None of the battles in that video are remotely fair fights, but as you’ll see, Meikachuchu downs every boss (with the exception of Erica, who Meikachuchu claims to have beaten shortly before misplacing the recorded footage).

I won’t lie to you guys, this is another one of those times where I’ve decided to just show you something neat in lieu of whatever it is they pay me for around here. In this case the appeal comes not from the video itself, but from the festivities that you’ll see after Meikachuchu beats the Elite Four.

Have you ever seen a lone Magikarp enshrined in the Pokémon League hall of fame? No? It really is something truly magical.

Source: Kotaku

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