Pokemon Origins Anime Premieres in US Nov. 15


The retelling of the Kanto region, this time without protagonist Ash Ketchum, will be told in four episodes.

It comes as no surprise that Pokemon Origins has received a western release given the massive popularity of the series. Following the original Japanese announcement of the tribute to Pokemon Red and Blue, the four-episode anime will be streamed in the west via Pokemon TV. The first episode will air on Nov. 15, and the following episodes will be available over the following days.

The Pokemon Company also released an English trailer. Just like the Japanese trailer, the only difference is that it’s in English now. It’s a huge throwback to the original Blue and Red games with the same Gengar and Nidorino fight, cueing to the start screen for the two games. As seen earlier, Ash and Gary are absent from Origins. The protagonist, Red, and his rival, Blue – with the same physical appearances from the game – choose their starter Pokemon from Professor Oak. Familiar gym leaders like Brock and Elite Four dragon-type trainer Lance appear. Team Rocket are also due for an appearance, but this time it will be without the lovable trio of Jessie, James, and Meowth we’ve come to love over all these years.

Pokemon Origins is highly unlikely to bring anything we haven’t suspected for anyone who’s played Blue and Red, but it brings a nice dose of nostalgia.

Source: Pokemon Company

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