Pokemon X & Y Introduce Pokemon Mounts


The Kalos region is big, so you’ll need a way to get around in style.

Being a Pokemon trainer involves a lot of legwork. Walking all over the continent is hardly practical, so most of them invest in bicycles, but somehow nobody ever put two and two together: why not just ride one of the powerful beasts you’ve spent this whole time collecting? Pokemon X and Pokemon Y will finally let you do just that, as demonstrated in a new gameplay trailer. Taking a tour through the game’s main city, the trailer shows a guy sitting in a car, and also a trainer on the back of a horned combat monster. One of these people has chosen their transportation poorly.

A fresh batch of information on the upcoming pair of games reveals that they’ll be set in the star-shaped Kalos region. Lumiose City, the urban metropolis seen in the trailer, is nestled in the center of the region and will serve as a hub of sorts. Kalos will be divided into three areas, each with a unique selection of Pokemon to capture. It seems the region will be so large that the games’ Pokedex can’t contain all of it, so be prepared to shuffle through a Central Kalos Pokedex, Coastal Kalos Pokedex, and Mountain Pokedex.

Four new Pokemon make their first appearance in the trailer as well. Gogoat is the large grass-type that can serve as a mount, and certainly appears to be a goat that goes. The panda-like Pancham is a fighting-type with a special move that lets it attack while being swapped out for another Pokemon during battles. Helioptile is an electric-type that sunbathes to generate electricity and can use its charge to power machinery, making it a living solar panel. And the flying-type Fletchling is… well, it’s a bird.

One other new feature is that X and Y will include character customization. Instead of two pre-set trainers to choose from, you’ll be able to adjust details like hair color and skin tone.

Pokemon X and Y are slated for a worldwide release this October. In the meantime, think about trading in that old bike and stocking up on pokeballs – you don’t want to be the only trainer on the block without a mount. Why walk when you can ride?

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