You don’t really need an Aperture Science Hand-Held Portal Device.

With its rigidly structured puzzles, you might not think that a Portal game would be the best kind of game to trick-run. After all, there are only so many ways you can put a cube on a button and walk through a door, right?

As we’ve already seen, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Portal players are already trying their damndest to thoroughly break Valve’s Portal 2 in the most spectacular ways.

This particular trick-runner doesn’t even need to use portals to beat test chamber 20 – instead, clever laser-bendy-cube positioning (and some glitches) do the job perfectly well.

As some Reddit commentators point out, it’s not uncommon to play Portal 2, find a new mechanic like the laser beams or special paint, and then completely forget that you have a gun in your hand that shoots portals. As this video shows, sometimes that isn’t such a problem.


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