Prank Morphs Office Cubicle Into Sonic Level


This Sega-themed office prank is better than making someone sit on a whoopie cushion, almost.

I’ve had it up to here with the office prank where someone’s cubicle and every object on it is wrapped in foil. It was hilarious at first, but I’m sorry, now it’s old hat. That’s why I couldn’t be more pleased with the prank Sega pulled on a co-worker recently, turning his cubicle into something more videogame related.

After Sega’s Aaron Webber was foolish enough to take a trip to Europe, he returned to find he now had to do his job inside of a Sonic the Hedgehog level. The Green Hill Zone, to be exact.

Sega employees turned his cubicle into an accurate replica of the original Sonic level, and the most memorable in my mind because it was just simple, speedy fun. The cubicle featured the Green Hill Zone’s clouds, flowers, trees, annoying fish enemies, and even rings and powerups to collect. At the end was the Dr. Robotnik/Sonic spinner so Weber could finish the level, but there was oddly no Chaos Emerald.

It’s such a good cubicle prank that I hope Webber left it up and went to work in another spot instead. Foil be damned, we have a new king of the office pranks, though I suppose it wouldn’t make as much sense to do the same thing at a paper factory.

(Sega Blog)

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