Preorder StarCraft II, Get Beta Access


Do you want beta access to one of the most highly-anticipated games of the year? Preorder StarCraft II from Gamestop, and get a beta key for Blizzard’s upcoming RTS.

It’s no secret that the prevailing opinion here at Escapist HQ is that StarCraft II, even in its beta form, is completely freakin’ awesome. It’s also one of the most eagerly-awaited games of all time, what with being a sequel to the legendary 1998 RTS that put Blizzard on the map.

If you want access to the beta test like us cool people, then you have a few options: Find a fansite giving out codes, cross your fingers for Blizzard to pick you as part of the beta opt-in, or … preorder the game from Gamestop.

Yes, that’s right: If you’re looking forward to SC2 enough to put money down on it ahead of time, you get to start playing the game months before it’s even out. If you want a beta key, you have three options: Preorder the game online and get the code mailed to you, Preorder for in-store delivery, wait 24 hours and then go pick up the code at the physical store, or preorder in the store itself and have your code printed out on your receipt.

There are two catches, though: The beta keys are only available “while supplies last,” and considering the game’s popularity, supplies likely won’t last very long – and once you’ve preordered the game for your beta key, your preorder can’t be canceled.

But even if you can’t cancel it, you’re only out $5 if you just don’t pick the game up when it comes out. But that would be silly, because StarCraft II is great.

If you do get a key, feel free to friend add CFTFunk.jaynez – I need more fresh meat to stomp!

(Thanks, Alai!)

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