Deep Storage is a nice break after the enormous Crew Quarters in Prey [2017]. You won’t have to search for long to get every item, and we’ve got all the locations listed below.

The Deep Storage facility is a small section of the Talos 1 Station where data can be retrieved. In this particular case, Morgan Yu arrives to get the fabrication plans for her Talos 1 self-destruct arming key.

There are only a handful of employees in Deep Storage, and even fewer working computers. Find all the keycards, emails, weapons, and Fabrication Plans available with our (always expanding) list of locations.

All Collectibles Locations Guide | Deep Storage

[Work-in-Progress: Check back soon for new updates.]

Employee: Jennifer Lee – Just to the right, as you enter the Deep Storage area from the Arboretum bulkhead.

Flexiform Bolts Fabrication Plan: Available to download on Zachary West’s computer terminal.

Stairwell Access Keycode: 4981 – Found on the first computer to the right, in the first room of the Deep Storage. Check the yellow note posted to the terminal.

Email #1, #2: There are two emails on the Zachary West laptop, in the first room of the Deep Storage.

Employee: Lyn Cloyer – The body is found on the left wall of the second office after the entrance, near the security booth.

Employee: Mary Page – Corpse at the locked Security Booth door, near the Central Repository door.

EMP Charge Fabrication Plan: In the locker, inside the Security Booth outside the sealed Central Repository door.

Weapon Upgrade Kit: Also in the locker with the EMP Charge plan.

Shotgun, Silenced Pistol: In the weapon’s locker, in the Deep Storage Security Booth.

Shotgun Shells Fabrication Plan: On the desk in the Security Booth.

Employee: Heather Bentz – On the restroom floor in the Data Vaults stairwell access.

Email#1: On the computer on the second floor, in the hallway outside the Data Vaults room. You’ll need Hack 1 to enter.

Disruptor Stun Gun Fabrication Plan: In the locked closet, on the second floor hall outside the Data Vaults. You’ll need Hack 4 to open the closet door and the safe.

Neuromod x1: In the same safe as the Disruptor Stun Gun plan.

Command Center

Recycler Charge Fabrication Plan: Find the plan on the metal desk in the back of the Command Center.

Q-Beam Cell Fabrication Plan: In the safe, in the back-right corner of the Command Center.

Weapon Upgrade Kit: Contained in the Command Center safe with the Q-Beam Cell Fabrication Plan.

Typhon Lure Fabrication Plan: Download it from the Files section of Danielle Sho’s computer.

Email #1, #2, #3: All three are found on Danielle Sho’s unlocked computer.

Security Key Keycard: Found on the desk in Danielle Sho’s office, on the second floor of Deep Storage, in the area marked Command Center.

Neuromod x2: On the desk by Danielle Sho’s computer.

Data Vaults

Employee: Andrew Grey – This corpse is to the left of the exterior door. It’s very likely that it will become a Phantom due to the nearby Weaver.

Employee: Akande Benin – Another corpse, armed with a shotgun, found on the opposite wall from the exterior window.

Neuromod x1: Near the wooden / metal shelves on the wall opposite the exterior window.

More coming soon.

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