What do you get when the most famous female characters in videogaming get up on stage and take it all off? Why, it’s the unparalleled, unclothed awesomeness of the Video Game Girls Burlesque!

Gamers lucky enough to be at the Bordello in Los Angeles last weekend were in for a treat: A stage show featuring girls dressed up as popular game characters who then proceeded to get undressed to the beat of classic videogame themes turned into “electronica lounge songs” by Bon Harris and Jason Payne of British techno industrial band Nitzer Ebb. Characters in the show included Princess Peach, Samus Aran, Rayne, Chun-Li, Princess Zelda and Link; that last one is a little confusing but I have to admit that for a dude, Link’s sure got a great rack.

Princess Peach packin’ pasties? As an aficionado of both videogames and naked chicks, this is the sort of entertainment convergence I can really get behind. Happily for those who missed it, the ladies will be putting on a repeat performance on June 3, a great reason to go to L.A. for the weekend even if they won’t let you into E3.

And if you just can’t make it to California for the show, you can always check out the photos at LA Weekly. You better believe it’s not safe for work, but fun? Absolutely. Just don’t tell your mom where you got this stuff.

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