Prism Is The Best Piece Of Sci-Fi You’ll See This Weekend


Just in time for the Fourth of July, this sci-fi short is plenty of fun, bright lights, and explosions.

If you found (and accidentally stole) a piece of world-changing technology, what would you do with it? Based on Prism, a new sci-fi/action short film created by Corridor Digital, the correct answer is “outrun a bunch of gun-toting goons.”

If you haven’t heard about Corridor Digital before now, get ready for that to change. The group is an amateur film company down in Los Angeles who specialize in visual effects and they’re producing some truly impressive shorts like the one that’s on display here.

The basic synopsis of Prism is that two people (one of whom is played by Jimmy Wong, rising YouTube actor and songwriter) sneak into a science/technology convention and come across an amazing new device that could revolutionize the world. When they’re discovered by the obligatory sinister corporate executive, they escape and find themselves chased by tactical hit squads who sport awesome masks and (eventually) laser rifles.

For something created by a group of amateurs, Prism is pretty incredible. It’s certainly a simple premise, but it’s executed with a ton of style and does a really nice job with the various action sequences. Looking through Corridor Digital’s YouTube channel, there’s a ton of other stunning videos to check out (anyone who’s a shooter fan should especially check out Clock Blockers). Hopefully we’ll get to see a sequel to Prism soon.

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