Pro Gamer on Survivor


Super Smash Bros. champ Ken Hoang is joining the cast of Survivor 17.

Among the Smash circles, Ken “SephirothKen” Hoang is a Melee legend, having earned the nickname “King of Smash” for winning the 2004-2005 Major League Gaming tournament, the EVO World Finals and having the best tournament win-loss record in America.

Hoang will soon be competing in an entirely different kind of game: CBS’s Survivor: Gabon.

This adventure is something Hoang has been prepared for: he’s an avid Survivor viewer, climbed Mt. Fuji at age 20 and a strategist who hopes to appear as a non-threat until its time to strike.

Hoang told Entertainment Weekly in a cast interview, “Gaming will help me because I do well under pressure. I always come through. I rarely choke. I’m the underdog, I think all the fans will root for me to win. I would root for myself if I was watching TV.”

The seventeenth season of Survivor will debut on September 25. I’ll be watching to see how well Hoang competes without his Marth to do the battling for him.

Source: MTV Multiplayer

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