Professor X Gets Steampunk Wheelchair


A steampunk wheelchair is cool enough on its own, so how about Professor X’s steampunk wheelchair?

Professor X’s wheelchair didn’t do very much when it was first conceived, but later became a hovering, futuristic device. Daniel Valdez imagined what it would look like in a steampunk universe, and made his ideas a reality as well.

He took a late 19th century reupholstered rocking chair and put it on a power wheelchair base. Everything was modified and decorated with objects such as pistons from a 1930s ironworks. A custom audio system was put into the chair that includes speakers and a subwoofer, which emit different sounds depending on whether the chair is idle, turning, breaking, and so forth. I also love the multi-colored battery indicator, and while watching the video my reaction literally was “Holy sh*t, it smokes,” as smoke came out of a pipe in the back.

The best part of the set-up, however, is the vodka-cranberry mix encased in the bubbling tubes attached to the back of the wheelchair that can be dispensed through the front. It even has an ice tank to keep it cold. This concoction would apparently be distributed to the steampunk X-Men when not on an important mission. I knew Professor X liked to be the life of the party, but I didn’t know he liked to get his drink on so much that he had to affix a bar to his wheelchair.

The drink dispensary sort of takes the project away from the “realism” of what it should be in my mind, but I suppose there must be a dimension where Professor X can’t go a minute without a vodka-cran. Perhaps Tony Stark and Professor X are two peas in a pod in the land of steampunk.

(Via: BoingBoing)

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