PS3 DVR Kit Includes Trophy Support


The day has come when you can finally be artificially awarded for sitting on your ass and watching TV.

Trophies and achievements awarded for performing certain tasks in games are supremely popular, causing some gamers to play titles they never would otherwise just to add another notch to their achievement score or trophy case. Now, Sony wants to bring that same level of achievement whoredom to watching television, as it’s been announced that the company’s PS3 DVR kit “torne” (no, I don’t know why it’s lowercase) will come with trophy support.

Only one trophy has been revealed thus far: “Master of Final Episodes.” This trophy would likely be given to someone who watches or records a lot of final episodes, if my sense of logic is still working properly. I can see it now; people watching the finale of Real Chance at Love just to get a trophy. This could end up being even worse than playing TMNT for an easy 1000 achievement points.

There has been no confirmation of any other trophies yet, but in an interview with Japanese magazine Famitsu, SCEI chief hardware planner Kiyoto Shibuya said “Master of Final Episodes” was just one example, hinting there could be more. It would be unlikely for Sony to only include one trophy, as PS3 games themselves have many of varying challenge levels. I would predict others such as “Master of First Episodes,” “1000 Shows Recorded,” and “Crap Lover” for recording too much Jersey Shore. I would be a “Crap Lover” myself, so please don’t take offense. Torne’s trophies have the potential to be awards you don’t actually want anyone to see.

A few other more specific details were released on torne, including the fact that an hour long show can take up to 6 GB of hard drive space (presumably HD content). Luckily, recording to an external hard drive is possible. Torne application development head Kensaku Ishizuka also humorously revealed that “while the kids are watching television, their father can secretly view recorded programs on the PSP,” due to included PSP functionality. I like the idea of watching shows on the PSP and television at the same time, but what kind of perverted stuff does this guy have in mind?

Source: Andriasang

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