PS4 The Last of Us Character Models “On Par” With PS3 Cutscene Models

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The Last of Us for PS4 has cinematics running at 1080p resolution at 60fps, with Naughty Dog saying that the in-game models are “on par” with the PS3 version’s cutscenes.

With Sony’s announcement that The Last of Us is officially coming to the PlayStation 4 this summer, some have been wondering what will happen to the game’s visuals and how much of an upgrade it will be. If The Last of Us creative director Neil Druckmann is to be believed, fans are in for a treat. Speaking to EDGE magazine in its latest issue (#267), Druckmann reveals that the PS4 port will have an improved lighting model, as well as have its character models “on par” with the PS3 version’s cutscenes.

We brought in all the hi-res models, and then it’s on par with what you saw in the cutscenes…There’s an improved lighting model. After that, we started looking across the board; enemies look a little blurry up close, so that was pretty easy. We ramped those up and saw a pretty significant difference.

Druckmann also speaks out on the PS4 version’s resolution and frames-per-second and reveals that Naughty Dog is looking to integrate the DualShock 4’s touchpad for use in the action game.

Our cinematics are now running at 1080p and 60fps, and that involved rendering them all from scratch. It’s interesting that now [instead of a technical bottleneck], the bottleneck is “Can we fit all this on the disc?”

Then there are some ideas of how to use the touchpad that we’ll play with and see if it’s worth it…Mostly we don’t want to mess with the experience too much, and we don’t want to deviate from what made The Last of Us so great.

Will that upgrade in graphics be enough for people to play and pay for The Last of Us a second time or should Naughty Dog add more content and upgrades than just the visuals?

Source: EDGE via Videogamer

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