Sony’s PlayStation Network is down around the world, and the company hasn’t ruled out targeted attacks as the cause.

If you’ve tried to log into PSN since last night, you may have noticed that you can’t log into PSN. The service is down in North America, Asia and Europe alike, which is probably a bit of a headache for people hoping to play Portal 2 online with friends.

While Sony has only been referring to the PSN problems as an “outage,” and says that it is still investigating the cause, the electronics giant hasn’t ruled out deliberate interference. In a message on the EU PlayStation Blog (which has since been edited), PSN manager James Gallagher said that one potential cause could be an attack by a third party.

“Our support teams are investigating the cause of the problem, including the possibility of targeted behavior by an outside party,” wrote Gallagher. “If the reported Network problems are indeed caused by such acts, we would like to once again thank our customers who have borne the brunt of the attack through interrupted service.

“Our engineers are continuing to work to restore and maintain the services, and we appreciate our customers’ continued support.”

If this is the result of an attack, it would be odd considering that Anonymous publicly announced that it would cease attacks affecting PlayStation customers more than a week ago. However, that doesn’t mean that a similar group – or a splinter branch of Anonymous – couldn’t be doing the same in its absence.

(Edit: Asia-based user tghm1801 confirmed that yes, PSN is down there too.)

(Via Eurogamer)

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