PSPgo Barely Sells 1000 Units in Australia on Launch Week


The PSPgo has been struggling to gain a foothold Down Under, selling just over 1000 units its first week on the market.

The poor PSPgo just can’t get a break, can it? After facing retail boycotts and strong criticism before its launch, the digital-distribution-only platform launched on October 1st, and was met with a resounding “eh” from consumers.

Though a “games industry source” told The Age that the PSPgo had failed to break 1000 units sold in its first week on shelves since its October 1st launch, that number was corrected by a Sony representative – sort of. Michael Ephraim, managing director of Sony Computer Entertainment Australia and New Zealand, said that the sales were not under 1000, but were in fact “slightly over 1000.” Which is, of course, a significant difference.

While Ephraim acknowledged that the sales could have been slightly impacted by EB Games’ Australia’s refusal to stock the thing, he continued to carry the party torch, saying that the company wasn’t especially concerned. “Clearly we haven’t done massive numbers but it’s not something that we’re concerned about … because there are still some issues that we need to work through,” Ephraim said.

Yes, there are. Issues like, y’know, making the handheld actually attractive to consumers, for one. Of course, as long as it gets people to look at the PSP3000 in a more favorable light, Sony might as well be laughing all the way to the bank.

(Via GamesIndustry)

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