Psycho Killer Fozzie Bear And The Cartoon Murderers You’ll Never Forget


Homer Simpson’s never been so bad-ass as he is in his final moment.

It’s the role of a lifetime for Fozzie Bear. He’s waited for years to shake off this comedy thing and take on the serious roles he was born for, so when artist Daniel Luvisi offered him the chance to portray Javier Bardem’s hitman Anton Chigurgh out of No Country For Old Men, he leapt at the opportunity. Pity about Gonzo, the Sean Bean of muppet-kind; but then he makes a pretty good corpse, so what can you do?

Luvisi, a concept artist and production designer from LA, has gone well off the deep end with some of this stuff. Homer as a bank robber, Grand Theft Auto – or maybe that should be Otto – style is almost mundane. Maybe a little Tarantino, but not batshit crazy. Then we get to Kermit in Drive, with Gonzo taking a dive again for the good of the show. OK, fine.

Then we have Mickey, Prince of Darkness.

Try getting that image out of your head at, say, 1 a.m., when half the world seems dead and the rest is hiding, just out of sight, waiting for you to spot it. Have fun!

Source: Dan Luvisi

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