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1987 United States,

“Hey Pappa , I’m just calling you , to make sure you got the invite for the Christmas party,” The heavyset African American spoke into the phone , at her desk. Her daughter open the door and runs into the room, the woman smiles , “Say hello to grandpa’s machine,” The little girl , snatches the phone, saying “Grandpa! Hi!” Then the door swings open , two thin men, wearing expensive business suits , open fire , catching mother and daughter in a hail of bullets.

Sixteen years later ,

“TASTE COLD STEEL YOU VILE BASTARD!” The African woman , dressed in dark age gothic armor , wielding a broadsword , brings the blade across a man’s neck , beheading him. She spins , as bullets are fired into her , a force shell flares into life , absorbing the damage. She watches as a very short , barely five foot , white man dressed in a long robes , lifts his hands , screaming “OH-HA-E-SA-TO-WHO” A massive jet engulfs the men , cooking them and their armor , she calls to him , “Well played Merlin , thou art growing stronger with your magic,” The robed man smiles, “K,”

“The death toll is at four hundred , the F.B.I. , and A.T.F. are searching Chicago for the grandchild of business man , Sorrel Bennier. The mayor has refused to get involved as the two individuals are targeting mob figures…”

In his office , Sorrel Bennier watches the city from his window, as an F.B.I. agent comes in, he states, “Your granddaughter is nuts. The entire city behind her,” Sorrel turns , “Do you require something, agent Thorn, or is this your normal harassment, since all the kings men can’t find a girl and a boy.” Agent Thorn , glares at Sorrel, “You underestimate your granddaughter , sir, she single handed solved several city crisis(s) , and is a master gadgeteer.” Sorrel watches him , “Of course , she is brilliant, she is a Bennier , a lunatic one but..” Agent Thorn smiles, saying “That is funny coming from the man that bash his daughter’s murderer’s skull in with a ball bat.”

Sorrel , looks at him , “Did you require something?” Agent Thorn says , “This boy she is with , Charlie, who is he?” Sorrel , sits down , “I do not know from which where he came, he appeared to stop the bleeding and call the police to save Karka, he has followed her every since then, he has no finger prints , he has no past , no name , he is devoted to my granddaughter like a mindless puppy.” Agent Thorn raises an eyebrow , “That didn’t concern you?” Sorrel , shrugs , “My granddaughter and myself have… had problems, since I killed her father,”

Agent Thorn , pulls out a notepad , then asks, “Is there anything you can tell us?” Sorrel shakes his head, “I will not aid you taking my granddaughter in , nor will you be able to stop her, until she wishes,” Agent Thorn nods , then gets up , “We will see,”

A high rise hotel , looking over the vast city , “Merlin,” The robed man , appears , he looks older than his twenty years , because of the white beard he wears , he stands behind her “My lady?” She speaks softly , “I wish to rule a kingdom again,” The robed man listens to her , as she paces , “There is place in south America , which I would like to begin a city state. It is a dangerous place full of rogues and villain , the peasants require a just king. Do you believe me to be a just king, Merlin?” Merlin responses , “Yes I do my lady.” She stands looking at the sunset, she says softly , “You will come with me?” The man nods , “Of course my lady , as I promised as a child, always,”

In Sorrel’s private penthouse , a man wearing black armor , trimmed in gold and silver, watches Sorrel pace , he turns to the man , “Gen-ami, you have always been a good friend, since the death of my daughter. I owe you a debt ,” The man breathes “You own me nothing , Sorrel, your daughter was a good police officer, an even better friend. Did you require something , friend?” Sorrel nods , “I am afraid my granddaughter is committing a fatal mistake, she going to start a war in South America,” Gen-ami , watches him , “Gehenna!?!” Sorrel nods , then says , “They are expecting her as well, she isn’t going to survive very long,”

Gen-ami feels a chill, he takes a deep breathe , “I will go and defend her,” Sorrel smiles, then laughs, “Gen-ami , my granddaughter isn’t going to need you. Its very noble, but you don’t have the resources nor the power to do much good.” Gen-ami lowers his head, Sorrel smiles , “I need you to find a man, I am not sure how it will go , the person who requested it , is as insane as my granddaughter.” Gen-ami, “Charlie spoke to you?” Sorrel nods, “Called me last night , told me what my granddaughter was going to do.”

A few days pass , as the battle begins in the streets of Gehenna, a handful of dark age armor wearing lunatics fighting a rebel army , for control of a half dead city. Meanwhile , Gen-ami , and a gadgeteer named Ise, wearing armor engraved with butterflies , and horses, design by Karka Bennier, enter a massive keep , deep in Russia.

Gen-ami turns to Ise, “Be careful , this is Charlie’s friend he might be just as insane as Charlie,” Ise nods , they split , Gen-ami going east , and Ise going west , there armor making a soft clicking soft on the stone floor.

Ise switches to thermal vision, scanning the walls , and floor , she hears something , and spins, then something brushes against her , she screams. Then faces a huge beast , she backs up , the beat , over six feet tall on all fours , white-gold fur , massive paws , leap on her , pinning her. She struggles , trying to get her laser up to fire a blast , when a whistle sounds.

The beast jumps off her , running down the hall , she slowly gets up , cover in drool, she is soon joined by Gen-ami , she tells him , “Big monster jumped on me, then ran off,” Gen-ami spins , he says , “Is someone there?” Ise auto targets the beast , she discharges a net , causing the beast to be entangled in the net , she then hears , “That wasn’t very friendly,”

A round Chinese man steps into view, Ise walks over to the beast , she says , “Christ, netted his dog… gee look at this thing,” Ise cuts the net free, the beast shakes itself , then coats Ise with drool with a single lick.

Gen-ami says , “I am looking a man,” The round Chinese man remarks, “Bars are better for that kind of behavior,” Gen-ami says “No, not what I meant , I am looking this guy , Charlie sent me,” The round Chinese man watches Gen-ami, “You don’t look like a friend of Charlie,” Gen-ami, “Yes sir , we aren’t exactly friends , he hangs around , a friend’s granddaughter,” The man nods, pulling a pipe from his vest, “Miss Bennier’s daughter, Karka, what is that little hell-raiser up to ,” Gen-ami , says , “She has gone mental , started a war in a South America. That is..” The round Chinese man nods , cutting him off, “So Charlie , wanted me to help him.”

Ise speaks up , “Nobody is sure what Charlie wants, he never speak to anyone.” The round Chinese man nods , “It was the way he was designed , he was first creation, they still don’t age pass twenty though.” He then says , “I am Kannon YamaNeko,” Gen-ami, states , ” Gen-ami and this is my friend Isa ,” Isa nods , the round Chinese man looks her over , “Interesting choice for armor, butterflies and horses,” Isa says , “I designed the art myself”

Kannon lead them through the keep, with the big beast dog trailing after them , Gen-ami asks, “Why it is Charlie is so devoted to Karka? It is programmed?” Kannon answers , “I give all my creations free will. No what happen was , Charlie was struck by a truck , when I first brought him to New York , he managed to jump clear , but his left arm was mangled , he was eight , and there was no way to save the arm. So the doctors removed it, Charlie very sad , at the time I couldn’t vat replacement limbs , so he went around with a stub , I sent him to school in hopes of socializing him… It didn’t turn out so well.”

They pass , huge silos , and tanks , as Kannon continues , “Then one day , Charlie came home with a metal arm , one that was so finely grafted that it worked better than a normal arm. He told me a seven year old girl had done it , while the played doctored.” They begin to climb down stairs , as Kannon says , “From that day forward , he has been devoted to Karka since. They have been inseparable since.”

The pass several men, in their mid-teens , Kannon speaks to them briefly , then says to Ise , “My sons, all bachelors if you are in the market,” Ise looks them over, she half whispers , noting their tone bodies , and deep tans , “Are they creations?” Kannon smiles, “I have five wives , there is a lot of fun involved in making children the old fashion way,” Ise grins in her armor , then Kannon says , “They will be leaving soon to join their mothers.” Ise asks , “Where are their mothers?” Kannon says , “Canada,” Ise says , “Oh,” Kannon adds, “Most of the boys are going into science field of study or some variations of it , math , genetics , doctors,” Gen-ami chimes in , “What are their mothers’ studying?” Kannon smiles , “Oprah mostly” then adds , “They enjoy the shopping , and general freedoms,”

Ise follows Kannon for a while before asking , “You said most,” Kannon nods , then takes a deep drag on his pipe , “One of the boys , the youngest , is studying to be an artist and storyteller. He designs clothing , as well as body shapes.” Ise and Gen-ami both ask , “Body shapes?” Kannon nods , “He can engineer the computer to sculp a body into just about any shape or form. He designed , Max , the big dog , always following me.” Then softly and sadly , “He has been struggling , only thing he can produce worth while results from is art. He has failed at everything else. His grades are too poor to warrant an expensive trip to the United States. I am afraid his mind has become tainted.” Ise asks , “Tainted?” Kannon nods, “He designs porn pictures , and we’ve had to stop from creating a living love slave. I may have to exile from the keep , soon.”

In the dark room , Gen-ami makes a call , “Sorrel, we found the man, he is a remarkable man. His work is cutting edge , he believes he can induce super-human abilities into pre-made bodies. I have so much to tell you , but I need to request some money.” Gen-ami listens , then explains , “Kannon produces vat replacements for the Chinese government and the Asia market, it brings in some money, a few million by US standards. He wishes to his kids, he has ten , to college in the US , he asks that you pay for the trip , and give them some spending money… And he wants to make the design a contest , among his children , the winner will be able to establish a business , that you will provide the loan for.”

Kannon standing in small bedroom , turns as Gen-ami enters, “He has agreed to everything. He was very interested in the work for m..” Kannon says , “It will never be made for military purposes,” Gen-ami nods, “Understood,”

At the dinner table , the ten boys , sit quietly , when a short round boy , speaks , “Father?” Kannon smiles , “Yes , Moxmox,” Ise, a beautiful Asian girl, leans over to Gen-ami, an African man with a five-o-clock shadow , “He is the youngest,” Moxmox , picks at his food, then asks “Am I allow to enter the contest , Father,” The room goes silent , Kannon watches the boy , as Moxmox , states, “I don’t wish to dishonor you if …” He trails off, picking at his food, Kannon looks down into his soup , “You are allow you to enter , Moxmox , but..” Kannon locks eyes with his youngest child , “I want to understand that this will require some thought , and I will expect you to study your client. It is very important lesson to learn , but its more important to know , my son , that I will never stand in your path if you truly wish to do something.. Even if we don’t always agree.”

The cool air circles the small boy , he taps the laptop , when Ise appears. The boy turns red , she sits down , “I was looking at your art , you are very gifted. It must be hard living here, everyone is so damn talented,” The boy gulps , she smiles, “Do I make you nervous?” He nods , she smiles , “You should go with your strong points. If you don’t mind my advise,”

Kannon watches as Ise talks with Moxmox, Gen-ami appears next to him, remarking , “Kindred spirits. She grew up the youngest , in a family of artist and musicians. While she enjoys art , her brothers win awards and own galleries , while she struggles. She spends her time in a poor class neighborhood, teaching art class and fighting crimes. In her father’s eyes , she is a failure , she believed it for the longest time. Until Charlie spoke to her , from that time , she been stronger , reaching out to kindred spirits.” Kannon says , “I’ve made the boy think I wasn’t proud of him, but he is amazing at everything he paints , draws , or even touches. He does it without any effort, it drives me insane,”

Elsewhere ,

Karka, dressed in dark age gothic armor, drops from the building , the four men , turn and begin to fire , the force field absorbs the damage. She lands , rushes into the group broadsword flashing , cutting through one man then another , she turns as more soldiers comes.

Charlie appears , “We should leave , tanks are coming,” Karka , nods , she says , “Merlin I think I made a mistake..” Charlie replies , “No mistake , Karka , just bit reckless, let’s go,”

In his office , Sorrel Bennier presses the call button , “Get my lawyers on the phone , I need to talk to them.” The assistant , replies , “Yes sir,” Sorrel pages through the last document , then smirks, his assistant says “Your lawyers on line one and two sir,”

That evening, Kannon enters the dinning room , late , a smile on his face , he says , “My children and my guests, it appears we have winner. A brilliant one at that,” Kannon says , “Second place went to Doug , and a check of twenty five hundred.” Kannon then says “Moxmox is our first place winner,” The boys give Moxmox a half hearted applause , then Kannon continues , “During the taking and reconstruction of Gehenna will be broadcast via pay to view.” Ise smiles , then Kannon sits down and the normally quiet dinner is buzz of ideas and suggestion.

Moxmox begins to leaf through his notes and begins to draw.

In the vat room , Moxmox’s brothers set up four silos , begin to fill them with yellow fluid , Ise sits next to Moxmox as he draws , she watches his face. She speaks , “Would it be ok if you told me about the process?”

Moxmox , nods , still drawing , “The yellow fluid , is works like a womb , protecting and growing the fetuses. The fetus will is made out a material known as Iron Moon , it’s a compound , that will provide a natural body armor, as well as a natural regeneration for damaged tissue. Its layered like kevlar, with trauma plates over the vital organs.” He finishes the first model , she looks like supermodel Veronica Varekova, with a wave of his hand her body takes on an anime shape, he adjusts her hip size then begins working on the next , “Once the fetus is fully formed , Madeye is injected into the fetus , Madeye is a liquid that allows the powers to be added to the fetus. If you want a defense power its often mixed into the Madeye , but the fetus can only take a certain amount of stress. So we add only a few powers , and a few skills.” He finishes the second girl , she is similiar to supermodel James King, her blue eyes , are slightly alter to a faint silver-copper , that will reflect , with a wave of the hand , her model molds to an anime style.

Moxmox begins on the third girl , “We add in a second or third circular system , if the power is a emission , then we graft in a source. A fetus can handle eight max powers , but only two or three skills. So we have to balance out stress, powers , skills and design.” The third girl looks similiar to supermodel Tasha Tilberg, with a pass of his hand , he turn her to anime style.

He begins to draw the fourth girl, saying “Ko Soyoung, Korean supermodel ,” He finishes it , and then turns her into anime style. He stands up, “The process will take a four days, I hope Charlie and Karka can hold out that long,”

Later that night , Ise is awaken , Gen-ami nudges her “You got to see this,”

Beside each silo , sits a woman , reading varies books , ranging from the Cat in the Hat , to the Bible, to Stephen King’s Needful Things , to Jack Emmert’s Collective Works , the last woman is finishing Good Night Moon, she sits it down , then picks up Superman hardbound book. The other woman stop reading , as the last begins to read.

Gen-ami , nudges Ise , “listen, kick up you audio” , Ise closes her eyes, as her audio , drawn in images of faint line art is the story of Superman’s origin , the images become more vivid, Ise begins to feel the voices change , that of Christopher Reeve mixed with Tom Welling’s voice , the stories read are some of the great ever told.

As the story ends , after the Reign of Supermen storyline , another voice chimes in , that of Moxmox , the tale begins to take shape , Ultimate Spider Man collection. As the story are read , the emotions of those years , stir in Ise’s body , she winces at the cruelness of people to each other. She recalls the struggle of that age.

The story ends at the current issue, then another voice begins in , as the story is told, a voice , begins to read Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns. The chilling ending, fades slowly , then the early works of Louis L’Amour’s the Sacketts, the story of family , survival , and hardship. The stories weave through their minds , Ise gulps , tasting dust of Ride Dark Trail , the bond that family use to create , in the old days.

The stories weave , touching on the sadness of rape , and the chilling resolve of a man to survive.

Several hours later , through countless books , countless comics and countless poems , Ise is shaken awake from the John Saul’s Creature. Gen-ami, helps her up , “You’ve been listening for two days now,” Ise shakes the sleep from her body , Gen-ami “You need to learn fly the jet,” Ise cast a glance , at the tanks , the woman now cradle the toddlers , still reading stories , she is about to go , when she turns , her mouth drops open , Gen-ami smiles , pulling her arm , Ise whispers , “Iron Maiden music at that age?!” Gen-ami grins , “Believe or not that little girl, is into Guns N Roses, AC/DC, and Weird Al,” Ise looks at him , “You gotta be joking me,”

Through the hallways , the two wind , the images of Superman vivid in Ise’s mind , she watches as the big beast appears , it gives a playful bark , Ise gives chase , running after the dog , she slides to a stop , and stares , her mouth open.

Sitting in the hanger is a massive B-2 Spirit , its sleek black into the dull gray , and its four engines have been removed.

Kannon turns to her , “Enjoying the stories?” Ise nods , she then asks , “Where did come from?” Kannon smiles, “Sorrel bought it for us , we modified it to be faster,” Ise watches , “May I ask something?” Kannon takes a drag on his pipe , “Anything,” Ise asks , “Does reading program the children?” Kannon shakes his head , “I wish , Harrier, has taken to heavy metal and hard rock like duck to water , that girl clicked with Iron Maiden , and Megadeath…” He shakes his head , “There childhood is stolen, so for the four days , they are exposed to great works .. and not so great works of art and entertainment. They are read to , from a varies books , and comics , at some point in their development of a personality , a character or work of fiction strikes a cord , we build around that. While teaching our values , family first , and basic good.” He waves his hand , saying “Basic good.. How I hate my first wife for naming it that.”

Kannon , smiles , “We try to induce empathic feelings for others , so that they will know what it is like to suffer , and to be in pain , so they don’t inflict it on others , for selfish reasons.” One of Kannon’s sons appears , beside his father , “You can’t still force human beings , to do anything , even children rebel , you have to give them tools and knowledge , my mother’s term basic good , was based on the way Superman developed , all the power of a God , all the compassion of a human being.” Kannon turns , to his son , “Yes, Yes, its seems that at least one of the girls is rebelling ,” The young man , nods , “We saw it coming with Punisher titles and Batman titles , as well as the Anne Rice books, did you think that the Vampire Chronicles would produce Superman?” Kannon grins , “I thought she was turning when she watched cartoons,” The young man , “You are getting old father , Moxmox anime titles aren’t cartoons , they are borderline porn,”

Gen-ami speaks up “Flying lessons , sir,” Kannon turns to him , “Yes, yes , every creation spurs a great debate.” Ise walks to the jet , “I get to fly this?” Kannon nods , “When you are a ready.”

It doesn’t take long for Ise to learn to fly the B-2 , as it response to her mental thoughts , allowing for hair pin turns , and speeds of march 5 , without adverse side asides.

The third day , half asleep , Moxmox , begins to close his eyes , suddenly he is picked up , and crushed in a bear hug , “DADDO!!” Moxmox smiles looking down into the eyes of fourth girl , the one that looks like Ko Soyoung with an anime body and features. She hugs him , he feels his body begin to hurt , a voice tells the girl , “Careful, Prime,”

Prime’s hair is ribbon like , that cut short and at odd angles , it looks hundreds of ribbons , are growing out of her head. The hair is deep brown , with highlights of blue, gold and orange, her face though anime , is very Asia , and her eyes are a deep gold.

Moxmox is dropped as the girl who looks like Veronica Varekova, kneels lifting his face , “Hi dad, changed my name to Skier” She helps him to his feet , giving him and gentle hug.

Skier’s green-blue hair is swept back , with Superman tail in the front , making a slight s , her hair is marred by plastic beads , and braids. The ends are tipped in metal tear drops.

“Hey you,” The girl Tasha Tilberg, kisses Moxmox on the nose, then hugs him. He says , “Cricket, right?” She smiles ,”Who else would be I?” The last girl , watches him , then comes over to him, she looks like James King , she looks to be struggling with how to response to him. Then she places a hand on his shoulder , then letting go of him. He states, “Harrier , I know you are ready to go, I would like you to wait..” She shrugs,”Whatever,”

Harrier’s hair is very 80s , a mixture of old Bon Jovi style , and the anime style seen on Dragonball Z. The bangs hang in her eyes , her hair is golden , tipped by black , red , gold and blue. A solid streak of white flows through the center of her hair.


“Gallows, your people understand , I want them all dead,” The South American man speaks softly , a massive man , banded in metal strips , forming a skin tight suit , his mouth covered by a cloth. He breathes , “I will make your enemies suffer, I will rip out their hearts and eat them. I will crush their very bones to dust. I will rip them from limb to limb. They shall know pain!” He then smashes the desk into splinters.

Karka’s men , stand ready , as the expect human targets , when eight cyborg ninjas begin to appear. The ninjas move in fluid motions , the knights , dance around the ninjas , matching strike for counter strike. The knight’s armor is much slower than the ninja’s implants.

A knight , drops , as a ninja drops a katana through his armor , he collapses , the other knights begin to drop , outmatched by the ninjas.

The remaining knights begin to pull , back under the direction of Charlie , as he screams “OH-HA-E-SA-TO-WHO” blasting a ninja with flames but the ninjas walks through it. Charlie remains behind as the knights , make it through a door, then he steps in , as the knights pull the vault door shut.

Karka drags herself from her sick bed , dragging her broadsword , Charlie rushes to her side. She leans on him. “Merlin,” Karka begins , then softly , “Charlie I am afraid , I am sorry,” Charlie hugs her.

The three knights surround the couple , Karka kisses Charlie’s neck , “Always been such a great friend,” Charlie watches the vault crack , he says , “I owe you more than I can give you I am afraid, Karka,”

The vault door shatters , Gallows walks through , screaming , “Karka Bennier , I am going to rip your liver out and eat it. I am going to rip your heart from your body and show it to you. I am going to break each and every bone then grind them to dust. I am going to do vile things to your body. You are going to suffer,”

As the cyborgs advance , Gallows continues , “I will rip your knights from limb to limb, I will crush the skull of your lover , I will hunt down your father , and his father , I will tear your limbs from their sockets. I will..” He moves in flash , Charlie cuts him , he comes down with a strike , suddenly a beam of sunlight appears , as his blade strikes metal.

He opens his mouth , Harrier hovers in front of him , his blade , blocked by her glove , she reaches out punching through his teeth , and grips his tongue , then tears it from its roots. Gallows brings up his hands , screaming , Harrier smashes him across his neck , then punts him through the building.

“Harrier,” Harrier hovers , she sighs , “Papa, I know, only newbies chase,” Instantly the roof collapses , bringing rumble down on a group of cyborgs , Prime stands on the rumble , solid metal form , she growls , “Roooar , excuse me,” The other cyborgs turn to face her, she looks at them , “Bah weep granah weep nini bong!” They look at her , then begin to step back , Skier lands beside her , she says “I take it they are barbarians.”

Karka jumps when a voice comes from beside her , “Ewwww Harrier, come on, that sooooo Mortal Komatish,” Harrier crosses her arms , “Whatever,” Skier turns to Charlie , “Private party?” Charlie watches her , replying “Family is always welcome little sisters,” Harrier turns to him , “Watch the little sisters, old man,” Charlie gives her a grin.

Suddenly the remaining four cyborgs rush , Harrier stands still as the ninjas descend her , she reaches out grabbing one ninja , as he is making his thrust , and tosses him through the wall. She dodges another slice , then backhands the ninja , dropping him. She floats to a ninja , they backup , then she flies into them , they jump side , landing near Prime.

She screams , “Go away!” She kicks the cyborg , causing it to stumble forward, then softly , she says , “You scare me” Instantly Cricket appears next to the ninja , she drives a kick into his back , then uses super speed to move in front of the ninja , as he is turning she drives another kick into his back , he turns , she backhands him , then kicks him in the ribs , he drops to one knee , she drives a kick into his throat.

Harrier attempts to get a ninja but they jump or run when she approaches them. Harrier grows , then flies over to the wall , and tears massive chunk from it , and throws it into the ninjas , they leap , Harrier flies into the closes one , and grabs its arm.

She begins to drive kicks , and punches into the ninja , smashing him face and body , drawing him into her attacks , she continues to batter his body then drops him to the ground. She floats down , the cyborg , through half closed eyes , begins to speak , Harrier snaps his neck with a single kick.

Skier lets a beam of energy leap from her eyes , cutting down two ninjas.

Harrier is chasing down the last cyborg, he suddenly drops in a heap , Prime becomes solid , Harrier growls “You did that on purpose.” Prime grins , “Prove it,” Harrier reaches out , messes up Prime’s hair , causing her flinch.

Sudden six cyborgs appear , follow by twenty soldiers , Prime watches them appear , saying “We’ve sooo got to get a new travel agent.” Cricket appears near Skier , she says into the radio, “Hey Tigera we gonna kill the army men?” Moxmox voice replies , “I hope we don’t have to,”

Skier , begins speaking “Everyone not getting paid to be here , go home. Your family needs you.” Harrier looks to Skier , “Want me to set an example?” Skier nods , “Be gentle,” Prime quirks , “Yeah don’t rip their arms off or squish them,” Cricket wrinkles her nose, “Ready , babe?” Harrier nods , instantly , Cricket moves , grabbing a cyborg and flinging him into Harrier.

Harrier hits it in mid air , then begins to juggle it with punches , and kicks , produces thunder like effect , then Harrier grabs the cyborg it looks at her. Harrier says , “Your up, Skier,” Harrier tosses the cyborg, Skier strikes the cyborg , like a volley ball strike , sending it to , Cricket , she hits the cyborg once , then begins to use Super Speed to balance the cyborg between herself.

Harrier lands , taking the kicking it to Skier, Prime begins to chant , “Me! Me! Me!” The soldiers begin to relax , Charlie whispers , “Remarkable,” Cricket snatches the cyborg , saying “Ninja keep away from Prime,” Prime changes her density to move faster , Harrier and Cricket begin to exchange the cyborg between themselves. Prime nearly catches it , several times.

Then Cricket passes it to Prime , who strikes it , as a solid metal state , causing the ninja to shatter. Prime breathes “what gives?” The soldiers begin to applaud, dropping their firearms , the cyborgs turn on them , instantly Cricket grabs Prime and appears to block the cyborgs.

Skier , states , “Its over gentlemen,” Harrier watches a cyborg twitches , she breathes , “Give me a reason please,” Cricket takes a stance , the cyborgs , make a move two rushing Prime , and two rushing Harrier , the remaining two take Skier and Cricket.

Harrier , watches as a cyborg , draws a katana , she blocks his strike , then blocks the other ninja’s strike, she then shoves the blades back. The first cyborg comes in low , the second cyborg , comes in high , Harrier , spins , blocking both attacks , with her boots and gloves , then she grabs the first cyborg by the skull , in a ‘iron claw’ she applies pressure , breaking the bones and causing the cyborg to drop to his knees.

She spins to block the incoming attack of other cyborg , that attempts to hit her from behind. He does a backflip , as he lands, a metal arrow strikes his shoulder, he looks confused , Harrier holds the arm of his partner , and yanks him into her. He feels a crushing blow , against his face , she uses the line to yank him into her hits , throwing in different directions , then landing crushing hits.

He drops the katana , as he passes out , Harrier , yanks him into her once more. She shakes him , his eyes open , she reaches out a holds him by his shirt. She begins to rip his implants from his body , then dumps him on the floor.

While at the same heartbeat , the two ninjas , use claws to attempt to strike Prime , she phases from the attacks , then screams at them “WAIT” The ninjas stop in mid motion , they look confused , she pulls out a bag , then produces a box , she hands the ninja on the left a box , and says with a twinkle, “Cause your cute!” He looks even more confused , he pulls the string , and the box explodes covering him with deep orange and pink paint. He rushes at her , she smirks “I am sensing some hostility here,” She steps back ,then produces a pink bow from the bag , and puts it on the ninja’s head. The other ninja begins to laugh. The first ninja swipes , nearly cutting her face , she watches him , then she says into the radio , “Daddo locked yet?” The ninja throws a punch , Prime , catching the blow in a metal glove, she breathes “Not today,” Then she smile , as something crashes through the ceiling , and lands on top of the ninja, that something being an anvil.

The other ninja rushes her , she pulls a pie from the bag and smashes it into his face , he backs up. He growls , “Gags?!” She smiles , then taunts him , “Bet you can’t hit me” The ninja rushes in , she turns to a diamond , he shatters his blade on her , she in turn shoves a cigar into mouth , and then backs up , as it explodes. He drops to the ground , as gas begins to fill the space around his mask, he coughs and Prime whispers “Night,”

Within the same heartbeat ,

The ninja that picked Cricket , stops , he studies , “I never seen that stance before,” Cricket replies , “Evolved art from an anime,” He nods , “Understand we had to fight,” Cricket , “It’s a matter of honor,” He nods , ducks a bow , “I respect you,” Cricket , “Same,” He smiles under his mask, “Can you fight in your super speed state?” She nods , he moves in blur , she matches him.

He throws a open palm strike , she turns it aside , she counters with kick , he counters with block , he throws a series of quick jabs , she dodges them. She mimics the quick jabs , he blocks , then comes back with a straight open palm strike , she counters with a spinning backhand , knocking him to the ground. He is up instantly , he throws a series of kicks then feints a punch , she goes to block , but he delivers a kick to her ribs, then hits her with open palm strike. She drops but is instantly up , she blocks his punches and kicks , he lunges into a punch , she hits him , with a series of rapid open palm strikes , he drops and gets back up.

She lets him catch his wind , then he rushes into her , with a spinning round house kick , she blocks it and drives an open palm strike to his chest. He drops to the ground , and is slow to get up.

“Its too tiring for your cyber parts?” She asks , he nods, he admits, “Never lasted this long,” She drops from Super speed, he does to and collapses , in a heap , she kneels over him. “Good fight,” he manages to say before passing out.

Within the same heartbeat ,

The ninja that faces Skier , she states , “I would hate to hurt you, so why not stop?” He rushes her , drawing out a katana , Skier waits then catches his forearm and elbow throwing him into the ground. He pushes himself up , shaking his head, Skier , states “Stay down, you gonna get hurt,” He circles her , then leaps over her , landing , he brings the blade down , but she has her hands up , blocking the blade. Then she grabs his wrist with her other hand as she is turning , and she throws him into the ground again.

He slowly gets up , Skier , watches him , “Stay down, pretty please with a cherry and sugar and whipped cream on top?” He throws smoke bombs , then circles , he can trace her outline , he moves in slow creep , he comes up behind her , and strikes , she grabs the blade , and yanks it from his hands. He is able to step back wards , when she grabs him , and tosses him into the roof, he smashes his head and drops to the ground.

Beyond the building where the battle takes place , Gallows sits up , as the doctor finishes with him. He holds his mouth , a skinny woman , appears, “Mister Gallows? I am your lawyer , the Gurner, Iutan and Moiler firm sent me. Is..” He glares at her , the doctor, turns to her , “Most of his teeth , and his tongue has been removed. He is not in the best of moods,” The skinny woman eyes widen , “Who or what could do that!?” Gallows pens a note , “Its on Pay to view right now,”

Beyond them , hundreds of soldiers , walk pass the tanks , a commander, fat ugly man with braided hair , pushes his way through the men , to face a short , well-tone man , wearing a Spinal Tap t-shirt. The commander, demands , “Why are these men , leaving,” The man in the Spinal Tap t-shirt , is talking to another man , with a old worn jacket and pants , “Finish securing the equipment , then order the rest of the men to fall back.” Then the man in the Spinal Tap t-shirt turns to the commander, “Something you need sir?” The man growls, “Why are the men leaving?” The man in the Spinal Tap t-shirt, “Look, this girl , named Skier gave us 20 minutes to leave. She and her team just dismantled all of Gallows men. And,” The man in the Spinal Tap t-shirt taps the fat man’s forehead, “I am not getting people killed for the drug lords, we were told rebels. You never said it was a woman trying to retake the city from the drug lords. These boys are needed at their farms and earning money for food. The military hasn’t paid anyone in months.”

In the building , Skier speaks into her radio , “Dad, what is the situation,” Moxmox relies, “The military is pulling out , we got two targets heading to you,” Harrier whispers, “Good,” Prime , watches Skier , then she looks at Cricket , saying “Im still completely confused.”

Cricket smirks , “You are a state of confusion,” Skier turns to Charlie , “We going outside to play, turn on channel 2, the city gets free pay to view. We gonna make you famous.”

Outside , Gallows , looks down at his tracker , he writes off a note , then hands to the lawyer trying to keep up with him. “Entire clan gone,” The lawyer watches him , then he begins toward the building , when the four girls exit the building.

Gallows writes a note , hands to the lawyer then grabs her shoulder and tosses her forward, she hits the ground , slowly she gets up. She brushes her suit off, then reads the note, “Gallows wants to know who you are, and who paid for your presence,”

Prime whispers “Presents!” Cricket and Skier look at each other. Then the lawyer waits for the rely , Skier speaks up , “No money.” The lawyer raises an eyebrow , “No money?” Skier nods, “Each one of us , has a single common reason , family. Each of us have our own personal reasons. Who are you?” The lawyer , straights up , “Diane Franks , attorney at law.” Skier watches her , then says , “Tell him , we will allow him to go , but he will never return.” The lawyer turns , walking to Gallows , she says , “They are offering you a chance to leave,” He scribes a note , then grabs her , and pushes her forward.

The lawyer reads the note , “He basically wants to kill all of you.” Harrier says , “I want him.” Cricket says “Me too.” Skier turns to Prime , she whimpers “I never get to get it” The lawyer watches them , then says “Its really not my place , but do you know who he is?” Skier turns to the lawyer , “Fill us in ,”

The lawyer , shifts to her court voice , “Clan leader of the UmiHebi, master of many forms of martial arts. A ninja, a shadow , certain death, he has killed more people than famine.” She tries her best to make him sound like a threat , but she only gains Skier wanting a piece.

From her bag , Prime puts out six white marbles and a single black one, then she produces a black bag. She puts the marbles in and shakes the bag , each girl reaches a hand in. They open their hand as one , Harrier holds the black marble.

Harrier moves towards the lawyer , whom jumps back , she backs up , as Gallows walks pass her. He stands a few feet from, slowly his body is covered thicker plates of metal , he flexes , the metal moves with his body. Harrier simply crosses her arms over her chest.

Gallows moves in a flash , catching Harrier with heavy punch , he comes across , striking her face , he rushes in , when she moves , kicking him below the knee back from behind. He slams into the ground , Harrier jumps into the air and lands on his back , smashing him into the ground.

He slowly gets up , then moves in a blur , Harrier , blocks his fury of punches , then counters by throwing him aside , he turns the throw into a flip , as he lands , Harrier rushes into him. He takes a hit , knocking him backs , he gets back up , he moves in a blur , coming in with feint punch , but delivering a kick , he lands two more kicks , then punch knocking Harrier to the ground.

Harrier rises to her feet , wipes the blood from her lip , as it heals quickly. She smiles at him , then rushes , she throws a series of punches , he blocks then she throws a easy to block kick , he grabs her leg , she spins with her leg planting a ankle into his neck. He stumbles, she is on him , instantly delivering punch after punch , follow by a series of open palm hits , he drops , then she kicks him in the head.

He slowly begins to get up , she feints a punch he covers to block , she kicks him in the knee , then the thigh , causing him to open his mouth , she throws a series of punches into his face. Then she does a spinning backhand , caving in his metal covered face.

She watches him as he struggles to get back up , then she lifts him up , throws him into the air , she races after him , he covers up from her attacks , until she volley ball spikes him into the ground.

The lawyer rushes to her client’s side , she turns her eyes from the crumbled mass that was her client.

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