Quadriplegic Gamer Solos Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer


Silver down. Gold and platinum to go.

Alright, so I reckon most of us could beat a silver-level Mass Effect 3 multiplayer match without help, but do you think you could do it with only one hand? How about one hand and almost no fine motor control?

That’s exactly what quadriplegic gamer, Alain Poitras, managed in the video to the right. Using a touchscreen mouse and a stick clutched between his teeth, Poitras has managed to solo two of Mass Effect 3’s four mulitiplayer difficulties. Videos of Potrais’ skill and dedication have been floating around the BioWare forums for a couple of weeks, where they caught the eye of ME3 senior designer, Manveer Heir.

“He soloed silver?!” Heir tweeted. “He’s 100x more baller than I’ll ever be.”

There is a thriving community of gamers who refuse to let their ailments get in the way of their hobby, but a dearth of re-mappable controls and other easy-to-implement features mean gamers with more severe disabilities are often forced to focus on PC games or shell out for expensive, custom-made controllers. With the right setup, disabled gamers can not only play, but compete, as this video of professional StarCraft 2 player, vVv Spectral, demolishing some schmuck proves.

For more information on gaming with disabilities, check out The Able Gamers Foundation.

I tend to blame all of my gaming losses on my color blindness and these videos make that excuse seem a bit hollow. I may have to switch back to “the sun was in my eyes.” Which it always is.

Source: YouTube

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