Quake Wars Beta Goes Live


Prepare for a long, hard slog with the Strogg. And advertisements.

The beta for the highly-anticipated Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is currently underway.

About 60,000 slots have been made available, with activation keys being made available to FilePlanet subscribers only for the first day, today.

The FilePlanet prioritization irked some on the community website, but gamers were assured in a follow-up developer post that half the keys are slated for free access – though a (free) FilePlanet account will still be necessary.

The development team also explained its inclusion of in-game advertisement. The managing director for Splash Damage said the ads will not be “intrusive,” “you won’t have to interact with them” and “great care is being taken to ensure that all our ads are appropriate for the game world.”

The provided rationalization was that advertisements would help defer ongoing costs of continuing to support the game after release. Whether reality bears out such claims can only be determined when the extent and quality of post-release support becomes clear.

The game beta download file registers at 846MB.

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