If you’ve been playing even more Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, then you probably already know that the Animal Crossing track features four seasons — Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. Normally the season is randomly selected, but there’s a way to get the season you want every single time.

The seasons are what makes the Animal Crossing track so special. Each season doesn’t just change the music and look of the track, but the stage hazards too. With a simple code, you can totally control which season you want at any given time.

This code isn’t anything new — it’s actually been in-game since the DLC-release with the Animal Crossing track included all the way back in Mario Kart 8 on WiiU. So, yeah, these codes will work on the both versions!

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Animal Crossing Track Secret | Season Codes Guide

While the code has been known for some time, I was alerted by a recent video by Youtuber GameXplain. Check out his video here, or keep scrolling for all the codes in text-form, along with a gallery showing off all four seasons in-game. They’re all super-comfy in their own unique way.

To select a track, all you have to do is hold one of the shoulder / triggers when selected the track. This only works for Versus mode!

Animal Crossing Track – Season Codes

  • Winter: ZR (Right Trigger)
  • Spring: L (Left Shoulder)
  • Summer: R (Right Shoulder)
  • Fall: ZL (Left Trigger)

Pretty cool trick, right? Now you can enjoy any season you want with friends, and show off with your secret MK8 knowledge.

The Animal Crossing track has been a personal favorite since the initial release, and the more reasons to reexamine and race this thematically appropriate track, the better!

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