Rad Sailor Moon Cosplay Brings Battle Armor to Sailor Senshi


Be still my heart.

Good cosplay has a way of transporting you to a different time, a different place, an alternate universe perhaps. But this isn’t good cosplay. This is great cosplay. This group of incredible cosplayers has created battle-ready sailor scouts from Sailor Moon, blending fantasy and anime together in one glorious, conceptual group cosplay piece.

I’m in awe of the attention to detail and creativity that comes into play when crafting any sort of cosplay, but these sailor scouts take it to the next level by ensuring that their character permeates out of every design detail. Take, for instance, the fact that Sailor Uranus’ shoulder guards are sharper than Mercury’s, indicating Uranus’ electric capabilities and Mercury’s affinity for bubbles.

Gaze upon the glorious details of these wartime sailor scouts and let us know your favorite design.

Each talented cosplayer shown in the gallery can be found here:

Source: The Mary Sue, via Vivid Vision Facebook

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