Raiden Gets Stylish Sombrero Plus Combat


That’s a big cyborg friend you’ve made, Raiden, but he may not be housebroken.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Platinum Games’ entrant to the franchise, put out a new combat trailer for your viewing pleasure. Plus, there is a hat – and what a hat! There aren’t enough superlatives for a magnificent sombrero which somehow doesn’t tip off the enemy that the cardboard box in front of them isn’t all it may seem.

Metal Gear: Revengeance has Raiden working for private military contractor Maverick Enterprises this time out. Though much of the game takes place in Africa, Raiden does visit Mexico, hence the Mariachi outfit. There’s more swordplay than stealth, but Platinum is keen to demonstrate that combat is something it knows how to do very well.

It’s all due in February 2013, but exactly when will depend on location. PS3 and Xbox 360 users in North America get it on the 19th; Europeans get it on the 21st, while those in the UK have to wait one extra day, before they get theirs on the 22nd.

Source: Game Informer

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