Raimi Puts World of Warcraft On Back Burner


The World of Warcraft movie is going to have to wait until Sam Raimi is finished with a classic remake.

Sam Raimi might love being part of the World of Warcraft movie, but not enough to make it his next project. The director, known for Evil Dead and Spider-Man, will be taking on a Wizard of Oz remake instead.

Disney was able to convince Raimi to make its Oz: The Great and Powerful his next film, which probably wasn’t too hard. Oz is being set up as a 3D followup to the recent Alice in Wonderland remake, a film that grossed around $1 billion worldwide at the box office.

Not that World of Warcraft wouldn’t make a ton of money too, but it could come down to World of Warcraft just needing more time. Nobody involved would want to see a bad movie version of the world’s favorite MMORPG, and Raimi said in late June that the World of Warcraft script needed “a lot more work.”

Or maybe Raimi is just caught up trying to find the perfect part for Bruce Campbell in the land of Azeroth. It’s not confirmed what this means for the eventual release of World of Warcraft in theaters, but it certainly appears to push the project significantly further away.

Source: Deadline

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