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Rainbow Six Parasite Gets Frenetic In New Gameplay Leak

Rainbow Six Parasite

Five minutes of Rainbow Six Parasite has leaked, showing a fresh look at the fast-paced multiplayer gameplay of the spec-fi shooter. The leak comes courtesy of a Twitter using going by the tag of Skyleaks, who initially posted a downloadable file they listed as an April fools gag. Skyleaks later shared direct links to the new footage (see below), which are  still available at the time of writing.

The footage itself is more or less what you would expect, showing an operator working their way through some kind of industrial facility while taking out enemies and completing objectives. It also gives us a decent look at the alien enemies. Other versions of the footage uploaded to YouTube, which are being struck down more quickly, provide a glimpse at some of the tools available to players, which include scan grenades, drones, body armor, and explosives.

Rainbow Six Parasite is the current working title of Rainbow Six Quarantine, which was officially revealed at E3 2019. The game has reportedly been renamed as a result of the potential for unwanted connections to the Covid-19 pandemic. The game seems to be a direct sequel of some kind to Ubisoft’s smash hit Rainbow Six Siege, with characters from that game returning, though the premise of an alien parasite infecting humanity offers a significant change from the more grounded, terrorism-centered situations of most entries in the long-running series.

Rainbow Six Parasite (or whatever its final name ends up being) is currently expected to arrive some time in the next financial year, which begins at the end of this month.

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