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Raised by Wolves Begins Filming Season 2 at HBO Max

raised by wolves season 2 begins filming hbo max Abubakar Salim Aaron Guzikowski and Ridley Scott

Raised by Wolves is coming back for more high-brow science fiction and silvery spandex with season 2 on HBO Max. The second season was quickly announced after the first premiered, and now the cast and crew are back at it with Abubakar Salim, who plays the robot-like Father in the series, sharing some behind-the-scenes images of himself and his trailer. It appears we can confirm that tight silver spandex will be returning.

The first season of Raised by Wolves was both strange and fantastic. The show tells the story of Mother (Amanda Collin) and Father, two android parents who are raising a group of children on an alien planet after Earth has been destroyed. The show has a plethora of mysteries to unpack including a giant worm baby, a series of very long tubes, and a host of other weird things going on. When the first season ended Mother and Father had just escaped through a tube while being chased by Mother’s worm baby into a new part of the world. Just what lies ahead for everyone is unclear, and there are no teases yet on what the second season will hold.

The series was one of the first HBO Max originals to release but didn’t quite land with the dramatic splash that the streamer probably wanted it to. While reviews were strong, it never captured the larger zeitgeist despite coming from producer Ridley Scott and creator Aaron Guzikowski. Reportedly there are five to six seasons planned, but there’s no word on if a third season will be coming yet. There’s also no word on when Raised by Wolves season 2 production will wrap or a release date.

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