Rapper Live-Freestyles a Round of CoD: Black Ops


Freestyle rap is a difficult thing to do. It must be harder when people are shooting at you with bullets, even imaginary ones.

You know, even if rap music isn’t my favorite kind of music in the world, I still have a lot of respect for people who try to freestyle – that is, to make their lyrics up on the fly. It’s certainly a talent that not everyone has, because it’s so difficult. As this video by YouTuber PaperBatVG demonstrates, it’s also very hard to freestyle rap while you’re trying to play a round of Call of Duty: Black Ops – and sing about what’s going on on-screen.

Even if you’ve pretty much seen everything there is in the video after the first two or so minutes, it’s still an entertaining watch. It’s like a Let’s Play video, except with a guy setting his narration to a beat and at least making a few attempts at rhymes – and some actually work really well. Others, not so much.

Really, I’m just impressed that he spent the entire video rapping and still managed to place in the final leaderboards. Those other guys must have been really bad.


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