Rappers Ask Bethesda for More Elder Scrolls


“Geek rappers” Dan Bull and Baron Samedi have issued a musical plea to Bethesda, asking them to hurry up with a new Elder Scrolls game and threatening trouble if it doesn’t.

Dan Bull and Baron Samedi are serious Elder Scrolls fans. They enjoyed Fallout 3 and forgave Wet, but what they really want is another trip to Tamriel, the land of Bethesda’s epic fantasy RPG series. It’s been over four years since Oblivion, the last Elder Scrolls game, and with no sign that a new game is in the offing, the duo did the natural thing: they wrote a song.

Like true rappers, Bull and Samedi threaten dire consequences for Bethesda if it doesn’t come across with the goods; like true nerds, the consequences they threaten include ongoing pestering and perhaps a letter-writing campaign. “Please, we need another Elder Scrolls,” Bull says in the song. “If I don’t get ahold of one I’ll go out of control. Sure, Fallout was a whole different level and it was incredible, but it didn’t have the visual elegance and mystic mythic elements that lifted it through excellence and into sheer perfectionism.” And yes, it definitely comes out better in musical form.

I actually preferred Morrowind but I’m still happy to give the musical duo my vote. For all their flaws, the Elder Scrolls games are a uniquely massive and immersive RPG experience, and I think we’ve waited long enough. How about it, Bethesda? Are you ready to give us what we want, or are you prepared to face pestering forever?

via: Kotaku

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