R4 3x3

Just a few short weeks ago, there were 16 titles in contention for The Escapist‘s Reader’s Choice Game of the Year. You, dear readers, have voted through three rounds of fierce competition, elevating two deserving games to the final showdown. Now, it’s time for you to cast one last vote to determine which game most deserves the coveted Reader’s Choice Game of the Year award.

Round 3 had Dragon Age: Inquisition squaring off against the punishing sequel, Dark Souls II. Though it started fairly close, Dragon Age quickly took the lead, and held the dominant position through the rest of the week.

Meanwhile, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor was doing more or less the same in its matchup against South Park: The Stick of Truth.

Though Dragon Age has a lower percentage of votes cast for it, both games have very similar total votes, which makes calling the winner a crapshoot.

Now, it’s up to you. Mordor had the novelty of the Nemesis system, with distinct personalities, and even memories, for dozens of uruk throughout the game. Dragon Age, on the other hand, brings countless hours of voiced dialogue to the table, as well as the ruler’s judgment mechanic, and, it could be argued, a deeper narrative with elements ranging from faith to loyalty.

All this begs the question: Which side are you on? Go, vote!

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