Germany’s Wasteland Warriors prove that your larp isn’t post-apocalypse ready until you’ve also built your own car.

As we reported last November, live-action roleplaying in Europe can take on an incredibly detailed post-apocalyptic flavor. But apparently this isn’t an isolated thing – just take a look at the Wasteland Warriors. Comprised of a group of artists and role-players in Germany, these folks have gone out of their way to make their world look like Mad Max without the hazards of fallout. How dedicated are they? So dedicated that some of them build matching, post-apocalyptic cars.

The Hollywood-quality costumes themselves come in two varieties – the dictatorial “5th Division” army and cannibalistic raider tribes. Between that, the vehicles, and a roster of up to 50 performers, the Wasteland Warriors can make themselves available for promotional film/photo shoots, stage shows, and even cagefight performances. If the Wasteland Warriors were any more dedicated, it might lead to actual Armageddon. And not the Bruce Willis kind with an Aerosmith soundtrack.

Even outside of the larping world, this style has slowly been creeping back into the cosplay scene. Movies like the new Mad Max and games like Wasteland 2, fans are seeking all kinds of ways to live end of the world fantasies without having to scavenge for gasoline. Regardless, whether end times cosplay is fashionable or an actual apocalypse breaks out, these individuals look very well-prepared.

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