Real World Where’s Waldo Fills Seattle Neighborhood


Two friends have made the dreary winter world of Seattle a little brighter by bringing the pages of Where’s Waldo to life in their neighborhood.

When I lived in Washington, a saying I regularly overheard was “Seattle’s rainy season is January 1st to December 31st.” Anyone who’s lived in the area can testify that the rain gets particularly heavy during this time of year, so a couple of college friends decided to do their part to make things a little more lively in the city: they created a real-life version of Where’s Waldo?

The project is called “SeaWaldo” and it’s a month-old project that’s equal parts street art, community-building, and urban scavenger hunt. Basically, two guys have spent a lot of their free time drawing and coloring over 100 Waldo characters by hand. After that, they cut the characters out and placed them all over the Capitol Hill neighborhood (location examples include building walls, lamp-posts, and dumpsters). The project’s gaining a fair amount of local attention, including the news report seen here.

The men behind the project have asked not to be identified because they feel SeaWaldo isn’t about them, it’s about something bigger. Personally, I’m kind of hoping the guys get some help and are able to expand their operation to other areas of the city. If nothing else, this is certainly a great way for some creative nerds to improve their local community.

Source: SeaWaldo via KOMO 4

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