DeviantArt’s Lindsey Wakefield has done the unthinkable. She’s taken everyone’s favorite, adorable monsters and turned them into nightmare fodder with her realistic depictions of Digimon and Pokemon. I mean, sure, some of these pieces are cute and very reminiscent of what I remember seeing on my TV/handheld game consoles years ago, but some of these are downright frightening.

Check the gallery below for a few favorite examples of Wakefield’s incredible, frightening talent, and view all of her work on Wakefield’s DeviantArt page.

Her most recent piece features Chibomon and Zururmon, but in all images Wakefield does a good job of mixing sweet with scary to produce overall beautiful, albeit off-putting, renditions of these beloved monsters. There are some givens because, of course, Seadramon and Garurumon are meant to strike fear into the hearts of men and other digital monsters alike. But then you’ve got the bench hitters like little Tsunomon, who looks just about ready to use his mighty unicorn-blade to slice you open, and those devilish eyes certainly aren’t helping squash any of my concerns about his intentions.

Let’s not forget the Pokemon either. Pikachu, with those puffy cheeks and that menacing stare, looks as though he’s enjoying a palate cleanser after chewing through all of your important wires and destroying your prized possessions. And then there was Doduo, who I think might be the most terrifying of all. Ostriches are already horrifying in the real world with their aggressive tendencies and beady eyes, so a two-headed ostrich-esque monster with giant talons and enormous beaks is an obvious fright.

Hat’s off to you, Lindsey Wakefield. I’ll just pull those covers up over my head tonight.

Source: Kotaku

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