Rebecca Black “Honored” With Sith-Tastic Parody Song


The world’s semi-official back-up Darth Vader is trying his hand at a pop career.

Rebecca Black’s song, “Friday” became incredibly popular – or least, very widely watched online – earlier this month, after the internet erupted in scorn over the song’s less-than-amazing lyrics. The song even drew the attention of a Sith Lord – well, the brother of a Sith Lord – who felt that the lackluster song deserved a parody.

Chad Vader, who is the star of the parody web show, Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager, is supposedly the less capable and charismatic brother of Darth Vader. As the show’s title implies, Chad works as the day shift manager at a local supermarket, where his efforts to emulate his older sibling are met with indifference from his staff. Chad is the creation of Aaron Yonda and Matt Sloan, who provide Chad’s body and voice respectively. Sloan has also appeared in Soul Calibur 4 and the Force Unleashed games, providing the voice for the elder Vader brother in a slightly more official capacity.

The song not only parodies the Rebecca Black’s original ditty, but also takes a pop at the numerous other parody songs that Black inspired. Chad rides his bike, goes to work, and runs through the various days of the week and the order that they come in. He then laments that singing the song will remove what little coolness he had, before abandoning it to go wait for the fourth season of his web show.

A parody from would-be Sith Lord probably wasn’t the start that Rebecca Black really wanted for her music career, but the song seems more like good-natured ribbing rather than a cruel attack. One thing’s for certain however, Chad definitely shouldn’t quit his day job.

Source: Blastr

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