Rebecca Mayes’ New Album The Out Fall Out Now


Rebecca Mayes, the songstress from England, released her latest album today featuring her song reviews of Halo and StarCraft II.

There’s not really a category that fits Rebecca Mayes. She makes quirky music and she plays videogames, and somehow combines those pursuits into something wonderful. Her videos can be found here on The Escapist, but for those of you who want to take Rebecca Mayes’ music with you on the go, you can download her latest album now. Dubbed The Out Fall, the album features 11 tracks that Mayes wrote, played, and recorded herself, with some production help from Ed Woods. Some of them you might recognize the songs from Rebecca Mayes Muses, but there are also 2 bonus tracks including a special remix called Death and the BassShip.

Head over to Rebecca Mayes’ website to purchase The Out Fall. You can download it there for £9.99 (or $15.79 for us Yanks) and the site accepts most major purchasing options. Sadly, wampum is not an option.

According to Rebecca Mayes’ Twitter feed, many of you have been clamoring for a digital recording of her love song to our own dear Yahtzee Croshaw and grabbing The Out Fall is now your chance. While you’re there, consider picking up Rebecca’s other albums, The Epic Win and the EP Songs from the Garage.

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