Renegade X Devs Confirm Launch Date With New Video


The developers of Renegade X have released a new video showing off some of the action in store in the upcoming overhaul of Command & Conquer: Renegade.

In November of last year, the makers of Renegade X announced that the multiplayer modernization of the decade-old (and, in my ever-so-humble opinion, sadly overlooked) shooter Commander & Conquer: Renegade would launch on February 26 of this year. Today the studio confirmed that the game has not been delayed and will in fact come out on that previously announced date.

It’s a nice bit of news, if we can call it that without too much cynicism or irony, but more important is that we also now have a full-on gameplay video to look at that illustrates how Renegade X will actually be played. Last year’s release trailer was very cool but didn’t say much about the game beyond, “Bullets, explosions and ion cannons, oh my!”

The new video isn’t as cinematic as that one, but it does dig into how it will actually look and work when you’re playing. For the most part it has the appearance of a fairly standard team-based FPS, but the addition of RTS elements, bases with multiple special-purpose structures and that old, familiar C&C vibe will hopefully allow it to stand out from the crowd. It looks promising, and hey, it’s free – not free-to-play, but straight-up free.

To find out more about Renegade X, which is really and for true coming out on February 26, hit up the forums at

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