Report: Destiny‘s First Two DLC Are Already (Partially) on The Disc


A bug has allowed a Destiny player to discover that content from its upcoming DLC packs already exists in the game.

Destiny players who are thirsty for new content may be interested to know that content from its first two upcoming DLC packs already partially exists on the game’s retail disc. A bug has allowed reddit user KilledByDice to access a map filled with inaccessible content, which is apparently planned for Destiny‘s upcoming DLC packs: The Dark Below and The House of Wolves. Check it out to the right.

While this is far from proof that the entire DLC is merely “Disc-Locked Content,” some of the strikes and areas shown as part of the upcoming DLC are areas that players have reportedly been able to glitch into and explore since the game’s Alpha.

KilledByDice reports that some of the areas, such as the Jovian Complex and Kings Watch, have had enemies in them since the beta, and Kings watch even has a fully functioning mini-boss.

We have reached out to Bungie for comment on this story, and to confirm to what extent Destiny‘s upcoming DLC already exists on the retail disc.

Source: reddit

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