Report: Gaming Is the 2nd Most Popular Tablet Activity


Tablet gaming beats out Netflix and even social networking.

If you’re a tablet owner, there’s apparently a pretty good chance that playing games on it is one of your favorite activities – at least that’s what a new report commissioned by Google suggests. The study had tablet owners log when, where, and with what purpose they used their slate of choice, and aside from checking email, playing games was the most popular response.

In order to claim the number two spot, gaming had to beat out social networking (3rd), listening to music (5th) watching TV/movies (6th) and web surfing (12th). Email snagging the top spot isn’t entirely shocking, but I’m actually quite surprised that watching video and surfing the web are a good distance from the top.

To be fair, the sample size of the study was rather small at just 33 participants, so a larger group may have swayed the results in one way or the other. 73% of those polled owned an Apple iPad, with the remaining 27% owning various Android-based tablets. Still, it’s clear that when it comes to gaming, consumers are increasingly comfortable dropping a few bucks on a mobile title and then tapping the night away.

Source: GamesIndustry

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