Report: ISPs Funding Fake Anti-Net Neutrality Consumer Support

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“Broadband for America” gets most of it’s budget from ISP trade group.

VICE just published a report that calls out cable company representation for funding “cable company-created front groups,” who are unabashedly trying to strike down net neutrality.

The controversy starts with a San Francisco Chronicle piece by former Senator John Sununu (R-NH), and former Congressman Harold Ford (D-TN). The opinion argues against net neutrality, reasoning that net neutrality could lead to decreased investment in broadband infrastructure.

A politician arguing for or against a possible policy change? Inconceivable! The problem is that Sununu and Ford are “honorary co-chair’s” of Broadband for America, a group “dedicated to ensuring every American citizen has high quality access to the Internet.” So why would such a group be against something like net neutrality? It might have something to do with 57 percent of the groups budget being funded by the National Cable and Telecom Association (NCTA), a trade group operated by ISPs.

It’s one thing to come out against net neutrality — no one was seriously expecting ISPs to embrace the concept — but it’s a wholly different practice to manipulate pro-consumer groups to your own end, instead of letting them actually represent consumer interests.

There’s other mischief afoot, too, including the like of shady lobbying groups, and other “pro-consumer” advocacy groups that have monetary ties to the cable industry. Go check out the VICE piece for a full rundown.

And while you’re at it? Maybe file an opinion with the FCC, whether you’re for or against net neutrality.

Source: VICE

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