Report: New Details Emerge About “PlayStation 4.5”

PlayStation 4 look reveal

According to the report, the new console is codenamed “NEO.”

Rumors have been circulating for some time about an upcoming upgraded PlayStation 4, known as both PlayStation 4.5 and PlayStation 4K. Last month, sources told the Wall Street Journal that the new, beefier console was expected to be officially announced prior to the launch of PlayStation VR in October.

According to a new report by Giant Bomb more details have surfaced on the console, which is said to be codenamed “NEO” – quite clever if true, considering the codename for PlayStation VR during development was “Morpheus.” According to Giant Bomb, NEO will feature a higher clock speed, an improved GPU, and higher bandwidth on the memory.

According to the report, every PS4 game come October will be required to ship with a “Base Mode” for the original PS4 and a “NEO Mode” for the new console. The new system will not replace the original, rather it will be available alongside it. This appears to corroborate the WSJ report that indicated that the original and upgraded PlayStations would share a software catalogue.

“Sony seems committed to keeping the NEO and the original PS4 player bases connected,” the Giant Bomb report reads. “As such, there will be no NEO-only games, and Sony will not let developers separate NEO users from original PS4 players while playing on PSN.” In addition, it’s stated that there will be no exclusive gameplay options or “special unlockables” for people playing on the new system.

Sony has not yet commented on the reports of the new PlayStation 4 console. We will update this story if and when comment is given.

You can check out Giant Bomb’s full report here.

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