Report: Nintendo Bringing Zelda and Pokemon to Mobile


If these rumors are true, you might be able to play Zelda and Pokemon on your mobile devices in the next few months.

If you’ve ever wanted to be able to play Nintendo games like The Legend of Zelda and Pokemon on your mobile device, you may get your wish. Rumors reported in The Wall Street Journal say that a Zelda mobile game is on the way, and that The Pokemon Company is planned a mobile card-based game.

According to the sources cited, the Zelda mobile game is planned to launch after the already announced Animal Crossing mobile game. While the WSJ says that Animal Crossing game is coming out later this year, Nintendo has only confirmed that it will be released sometime before April 2018. The Zelda mobile game is reportedly being developed by Japanese developer DeNA, who also developed Super Mario Run.

It’s not surprising to hear that Nintendo could bring Zelda to mobile, as it’s one of the company’s biggest franchises. It’s even less surprising that there’s another Pokemon-themed game in the works, given how popular Pokemon Go was.

Obviously, you should take rumors like this with a grain of salt, as they’re far from confirmed. We’ll keep an ear to the ground, and let you know if Nintendo confirms any of these rumors, but we may have to wait until E3 next month.

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