Resident Evil 2 Fan Remakes Playable Police Station


Rod Lima used assets from Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles to create a revamped version of the the iconic police station from Resident Evil 2.

The Resident Evil series as a whole has some definite high points. Some, for instance, would point to Resident Evil 4 as the series’ high water mark. Otherwise meanwhile, might go back a bit further to the GameCube’s much lauded Resident Evil remake. For me, however, the answer has and likely always will be Resident Evil 2. I unabashedly adore that game and consider it to be a pretty much perfect combination of pacing, story, atmosphere and action.

You can perhaps understand my interest, in turn, in recent footage of a remade segment from Resident Evil 2. The video in question was created by YouTube user Rod Lima who, using the Unreal Development Kit and assets from the Wii rail shooter Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles fashioned a higher resolution version of Resident Evil 2‘s police station utilizing a movement and shooting scheme similar to Resident Evil 4. This footage joins a similar video released back in February where Lima showcased a revamped version of Resident Evil 2‘s starting area. All of this said, while many fans would probably kill for a chance to try a finished edition of Lima’s take on the game, he’s since affirmed that a completed version is unlikely to happen.

“I’m not planning on do a Resident Evil 2 remake,” he said. “I made this only to see some codes actually working. And as the result was good, I decided to do a video.”

Perhaps it’s for the best. While I loved watching Lima’s videos and seeing a shinier version of my old favorite in action, I have to admit that there were niggling things about his take on it that bugged me. The Resident Evil 4 style combat, for instance, took away a lot of the horror atmosphere that the original’s fixed camera angles helped to fashion. But maybe that’s just me. What did you think of Rod Lima’s Resident Evil 2 videos and if the game were remade, how would you like it done?

Source: Eurogamer

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