Resident Evil 5 DLC Stirs More Controversy


Did Capcom rip off gamers for Resident Evil 5‘s Versus Mode DLC? Here are both sides of the story.

There was considerable uproar when Capcom first announced the Versus Mode DLC for Resident Evil 5. Criticisms were pretty much predictable and arguably justified: this content should be part of the original package, gamers cried out. Well, at least it’s better than Horse Armor, right?

Maybe not. According to IGN, Capcom’s trying to pull a fast one on gamers. After doing some digging around, the site discovered that the file size of the DLC is a paltry 1.86 MB. “You are not, in fact, downloading the content from Xbox Live Marketplace or PlayStation Network,” they wrote. “Instead, you are downloading a key that unlocks content already on the RE5 retail disc. The same disc you paid $60 for a month ago.”

Confronting Capcom with a justification for asking gamers to pay for content already on the disc, they got the same response the company gave when this whole business started up in the first place: the DLC represents something “outside the scope” of Resident Evil 5‘s original vision and actually cost money and resources to make.

Capcom’s Christian Svensson, writing on the Capcom Unity forums (and using a smug looking pic of himself for an avatar, I might add), cleared things up, however. The keys sold as DLC that just unlock content already on the disc, he explained, are usually 100K or less in size. Versus Mode is clearly more than that.

“It is not a key,” Svensson said. “We have said in the past, it uses assets from the disc (like levels, models, audio, etc.) but the code is new and does not exist on the disc.”

Sounds like that’s as straight as the story’s going to get. But regardless of whether or not you’re paying for content on the disc, the question of its worth also comes down to its quality. So, anyone who took the plunge on this DLC, is it any fun?

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