Retailer Goes Bananas, Exchanges Videogames for Fruit


Fruit has become a new form of currency when it comes to Donkey Kong Country Returns.

If you live in the UK, when daylight comes on December 3 and you just want to go home it would be smart to stop off at videogame retailer GAME on the way. Three stores are offering the Nintendo Wii’s Donkey Kong Country Returns for a price that is absolutely bananas.

In fact, the price is precisely one bunch of bananas. GAME is offering copies of Donkey Kong Country Returns in exchange for a small pile of fruit to celebrate the game’s release. There is no word on what GAME plans on doing with the fruit, but employees will likely get plenty of potassium that day.

In a smart business move, the exchange will only be available to the first 20 people that lineup on December 3 at select stores. These include London’s Games Store on Oxford Street, Dudley’s GAME at the Merry Hill Centre, and Hull’s Gamestation. Each store opens at 9am.

Depending on demand, this is quite the deal for a game that is said to be extremely good. Donkey Kong Country Returns is a revival of the praised side-scrolling Donkey Kong games that came out of Rare in the mid-1990s for the Super Nintendo (and ported to Game Boy Advance). If I had some bananas, and I think I know where to get some, I would feel no shame in lining up to exchange them for a quality Nintendo game. Hopefully nobody will be a jerk and immediately trade the game in for cash.

Source: ONM

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