Retailer Offering $12,000 Wii Bundle


A Japanese retailer is putting the ultimate Wii bundle up for sale to celebrate the new year.

As part of a New Year’s tradition, Japanese retailer Enterking has assembled a Wii bundle that will knock your socks and Wii Remote safety strap right off. Anyone that wants to own every single Wii game ever released (in Japan) will have the opportunity to purchase them all at once from the chain in early 2011.

Japanese retailers apparently put together mystery grab bags of unsold goods called “fukubukuro” at the end of every year, allowing customers to gamble on their purchases. Enterking is doing away with the mystery and just going big, putting together a bundle that includes a Nintendo Wii and its entire Japanese library of 408 games.

Some of the games are used, but does it really matter? The Enterking Wii bundle will cost ¥1,000,000, just a hair under $12,000 at today’s currency conversion rates, but you can’t just walk up to your local Enterking and plunk down the cash. Those interested in the bundle can enter for a chance to be able to purchase it between January 1-3. The “lucky” winner gets to be $12,000 poorer and one gigantic Wii bundle richer.

I’m still trying to figure out if the bundle is actually desirable or not. Out of the 408 games, how many of those are actually good? If Japan’s Wii selection is anything like North America’s, around 150 probably involve darts or bowling, another 100 are about doing push-ups, and 100 more are likely virtual pet sims. That only leaves 58 games like Super Mario Galaxy 2 or Wii Sports Resort, and they certainly aren’t worth $12,000. Enterking says the bundle has a retail value of ¥2,300,000, about $27,500, but I’m not sure the savings are worth all the sorting that’ll have to be done.

Source: Siliconera

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